Feature Driven to Deliver Value Fast

All projects are unique. Maybe your requirements are clearly defined out of the gate and you’re a good candidate for an up-front design process. Perfect – We’ll meet your set objectives.

Or maybe you need to start with a subset of software features to fix an immediate problem and prioritize other features according to what your business will need later. Great – We’ll deliver what you need, when you need it.

Feature Driven Delivery (FDD)

Formos’s agile process delivers specific software features and functionality in short iterations to support immediate goals like buy-in from investors or early adoption by beta customers. Features are prioritized with your team, then designed, developed and released to you at the end of each cycle.


  • Benefits to Formos FDD

  • Accommodate changes easily
  • Demonstrate progress quickly
  • Avoid wasteful over-developing
  • Make better roadmap decisions
  • Synchronize solutions with goals