Solutions Architect

Full-time | Vancouver, Washington, USA
Reports To: Chief Operating Officer

Company Summary

Founded in 2002, Formos delivers SaaS product development, legacy-to-web rebuilds and business automation solutions. We serve customers across North America and Europe from offices in Portland, London and Ho Chi Minh City.

What to Expect

We’re not a programming body shop. All work is performed by full-time employees through a cohesive, collaborative process. You’ll be an integral part of that team along with project managers, UI / UX specialists, developers and QA testers.

We work hard and work smart. Projects are delivered on time and on budget. And our proprietary process ensures that this happens programmatically so our team doesn’t need to regularly scramble through late nights and weekends in order to hit our targets.

Position Summary

Formos Solutions Architects (SA) are primarily responsible for ensuring that the software we develop meets the requirements of the customer and is properly architected, designed and implemented. They are technically capable, great communicators and pay strict attention to detail. They represent the link between our customers and our development team and are involved in projects from estimation through deployment and training.

Position Details

The SA begins to interact with the client during the sales process, as they will be responsible for ensuring that the client’s requirements are properly met. They will need to fully understand the client’s needs and work with the client to develop creative and effective software solutions. They will document client requirements and work with a development Project Manager (PM) and the development team to design solutions, create specifications and generate estimates for both time and cost.

The SA will coordinate with Formos staff to facilitate smooth integration and ensure that all resources fulfill their obligations and meet their deadlines. They will keep a close eye on project status, and keep Formos management well informed of any impact to scope or schedule.

Throughout the project process, the SA will be the primary client contact. They will ensure that regular status updates are sent and any required meetings, video conferences and phone calls are coordinated and held. They will perform periodic demos for clients and document and act upon all client feedback. Additionally, the SA will keep a high level view of the project to keep it moving toward its stated goals. If there are changes to scope or direction, the SA will be responsible for working through the details with the client and updating project documentation and estimates.


Assist clients in understanding and documenting their requirements
Perform high level application architecture
Ensure that the architectural design is extensible, scalable and flexible
Write specifications for the development team
Collaborate with the project PM and development team via daily video conference
Create wireframe mock-ups of screens and process workflow
Generate estimates for both time and cost
Evaluate and make recommendations on 3rd party tools
Effectively incorporate 3rd party tools and systems into our project design
Schedule and facilitate project meetings, video conferences and phone calls
Document and distribute meeting notes
Work with the client and our team to determine deadlines and priorities
Coordinate with developers, designers, partners and any other project resources
Ensure that project delivery dates are met
Ensure that all client requirements are met and the work is high quality
Manage client expectations for timelines and budget
Be responsive to questions and requests both internally and from the client
Submit change orders where appropriate and coordinate change order status
Report project status to client and Formos management
Oversee deployment and integration testing
Perform demos for clients and Formos management
Notify Formos management of delays, problems or other project issues
Train clients on their software
Provide technical support to clients via phone, email and video conference
Follow all defined project processes
Make suggestions for process improvements
Occasionally work overtime if required by the project


5+ years of software development experience
Experience working as a development team lead
Great communicator and good at thinking on your feet
Very comfortable with a variety of personalities
Highly organized, detail oriented, thorough and patient
Ability to think through problems and make suggestions for solutions
Independently motivated and driven to succeed
Self confident and good under pressure

Formos offers competitive compensation based on skill set and experience.

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