Support for Those Driving Tomorrow’s Innovation


Formos provides hardware and bandwith to support a leading Apache Software Foundation open source project, Tapestry. Formos has donated a Continuous Integration Server to the Tapestry project to help advance the development of Tapestry 5.

University of Portland

Formos donated funding to the University of Portland’s Center for Entrepreneurship to support the E-Scholars program. Additionally, Formos’ president has served as a judge on a panel of experts in student entrepreneurship competitions.

The Freshwater Trust

Formos is a member of The Freshwater Trust’s Upstream Society, donors at the premium level of membership. Part of the funds contributed by Formos go toward the creation of Streambank, a web technology designed to streamline the stream restoration process.

Professional Affiliations

Below is a list of organizations that Formos collaborates with and supports: