Enterprise Workflow & Automation Solutions

Operational inefficiencies exist in all businesses. They usually develop over time while your people are focused on serving customers. However, the real risk isn’t operating at a sub-optimal pace – it’s the threat of making big mistakes.

Engaged, Expert Collaboration

You know your business. Formos knows how to dig deep with you to uncover and map exactly how your IT systems need to synchronize with how you run your business. The result is effective tools that support how you really work. The payoff is getting more work done, faster and more accurately.

Shortest Path to Immediate ROI

Once you’ve decided to invest in business automation, the need is likely urgent. Formos focuses on fixing the most critical problems first so you don’t have to wait for project completion in order to begin reaping the rewards of your technology investment. Learn more about our Feature Driven Delivery process here.

User-Centric Software to Ensure Adoption

The most common reason enterprise system implementations ultimately fail is poor user adoption. Formos creates an intuitive user experience for each of your user groups that matches their specific workflow and culture. This helps ensure that all your people get what they need from the technology and you get what you need from your technology investment.