Posted on May 25, 2014

ResTrend | MyResBook

About ResTrend

ResTrend brings technology to the small rental property owner through web-based software to drive occupancy and reduces expenses.


ResTrend needed to create a SaaS application that managed user-driven accommodation booking, targeted online marketing and the ResTrend sales force. They originally contracted with a software programming company for development. However, over many months of development ResTrend began to see problems with poor quality, missed deadlines and budget overruns.


Formos inherited the existing software code base and refactored many elements to deliver a reliable, performant SaaS application. ResTrend was up and running with the MyResBook software within three months.

  • Reservation management
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Embedded property search
  • Rules management
  • Integrated accounting
  • Multilevel marketing management
  • Online help management
  • Reporting suite